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Infant Baptism Parent Preparation
Information and Resources

Welcome!  We are excited to have your child join our global Catholic family through Baptism! Below is information about our process for preparation as well as helpful resources to answer questions you may have. 

Steps to Infant Baptism for children birth to age 6

  1.  We start with a Parent Orientation which helps us to get to know you and your family and understand what Baptism means. 

  2.  Next step is a Parent Preparation Class where will discuss the signs and symbols we will see during the Baptism. 

  3. Baptism Day! 

If you are interested in preparing for Baptism for your child, contact us at


Soul Bath from Dynamic Catholic is a great video to share with older siblings. 

This video explains all the steps that can be done for a Baptism. There are small differences you will see at different churches or ceremonies. 

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